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Buon Fresco Foundations
The advanced Guide to the Medium of Fresco.
"Our goal is to have Frescoes being painted in every town! By very modest estimate this will take at least 10,000 artists a lifetime to accomplish."
iLia Anossov (fresco)

Introduction to True (Buon) Fresco Painting Series
Buon Fresco Foundations: Volumes 4 - FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO


"Buon Fresco Foundations: Volumes 4 - FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO"

Buon Fresco Foundations: Fresco Painting - Verdaccio DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of Verdaccio Underpainting. Topics illustrated include the step-by-step process of transfer of the cartoon onto plaster, outlining, building of the values with verdaccio filmed in real time without omissions. Student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by thorough and clear demonstration of verdaccio underpainting essential for the succesful fresco.

Topics Covered:

Principles of Underpainting
Underpainting Color
Verdaccio Color Variations
Process of Verdaccio Underpainting
Background Details
Highlights & Shadows
Adding Light & Shadow accents
Final Adjustments


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About the Author


Fresco artist iLia Anossov (fresco) is one of the very few artists in the world who are considered masters of the art of fresco painting. His knowledge of the techniques of this most difficult, important yet endangered art form is sought out by his contemporaries at great art institutes and museums. Since 1997 iLia has been teaching at the Fresco School the only art school that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Since then a great number of students attended his workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. His work includes Albuquerque Fresco, 73rd and 76th Academy Awards ® Governors Ball, Ceasars Palace, 50th Annual Emmy Awards ®, Restoration of David Hockney’s mural at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, fresco portrait of legendary Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett and much more. His Malubu Fresco project has been featured on the cover of April 2011 Architectural Digest in USA and July 2011 in Germany.



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Aluminum Table Easel
Aluminum Table Easel

Traditional Fresco Brush - Half Set, Smaller Sizes
Traditional Fresco Brush - Half Set, Smaller Sizes

Introduction to True (Buon) Fresco Painting Series
Buon Fresco Foundations: FULL SET (5 Volumes) Preorder


Rent - Fresco Plaster - Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 1

"Buon Fresco Foundations - FULL SET (5 Volumes) Bundle"

This set of 5 DVDs introduces the student to foundational principles and techniques of the Buon Fresco Painting Medium.

  • - Preparation and Application of Fresco Plaster (Volume 1)
  • - Preparation and use of Fresco Cartoon (Volume 2)
  • - Selecting Pigments and Preparation of Fresco Paint (Volume 3)
  • - Verdaccio Underpainting (Volume 4)
  • - True (Buon) Fresco Painting Color (Volume 5)

The set contains over 10 hours of narrated direct footage (running speed is 150% of the real time) over 3 hours of visual information (diagrams, charts, lists etc.) as well as extensive lecture notes and tips. Topics illustrated include the entire step-by-step process filmed in real time without omissions. A student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by a thorough and clear demonstration of the foundations of calcium fresco plastering, cartoon and pigments and paint preparation, verdaccio underpainting and multi-layer color application relevant to any size fresco.

iLia’s unique real-time instructional style allows the viewer to have questions answered, reviewed until understood, and to watch the physical demonstration of each principle until it’s fully internalized. The periodic summarizing text lays out the organized methodology that led iLia to produce his thirty years of personal experience and seventeen years of teaching fresco classes into this precise, linear process within a progressive and organized format.

About the Author and Artist
Ilia Anossov (fresco) is a practicing fresco painter, founder of the Fresco School. His fresco projects have been featured on the covers of Architectural Digest USA, Italy and Germany, House and Garden UK, California Style Magazine. iLia Anossov is currently teaching fresco painting at the Fresco School and the Getty Institute in Los Angeles.

Included in the set:

Volume 1 - FRESCO PLASTER (more info) - in stock

Volume 2 - FRESCO CARTOON (more info) - in stock

Volume 3 - FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT (more info) - in stock

Volume 4 - FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO (more info) - in stock

Volume 5 - FRESCO PAINTING - COLOR (more info) - in stock

Topics Covered:

Fresco Tools & Materials
Fresco Lime Putty
Plaster Ratios & Coats
Plaster Mixing & Application
Arriccio & Intonaco Coats
“Paint Ready” Tests
Storing Fresco Plaster
Fresco Support Options

Fresco Cartoon Tools & Materials
Fresco Cartoon Format & Application
Sketching Views for Choice
Value Range and Light
Core and Cast Shadows
Principles of Perspective
Composition and Giornatas
Drawing for Painting Foundations
Cartoon to Plaster Transfer Methods

Natural & Synthetic Fresco Pigments
Testing Pigments for Fresco Painting
Fresco Pigments Grinding & Storing
Lime White & Preparation and Use
Preparing Paints and Color Tones
Paints for Transparent & Impasto Painting
Principles of Building Layers
Flesh Tones & General Color Principle

Principles of Underpainting
Underpainting Color
Verdaccio Color Variations
Process of Verdaccio Underpainting
Background Details
Highlights & Shadows
Adding Light & Shadow accents
Final Adjustments

Base Colors
Building Color Tones
Opaque vs Transparent Color
Building Highlights
Adjusting Tone and Details
Adding Color to Shadows
Adding Highlight & Shadow Accents
Final Adjustments

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Library Special Set


I initially watched this 5 volume set of Buon Fresco DVD’s because they were highly recommended by another artist for my own use as a professional painter. I have an MFA, and have made my living in visual arts 40 years. Researching instructional materials for my university, museum and high school art classes I’ve never experienced such excellent detailed technical explanations combined with demonstrations start to finish as on these DVD’s.

It’s quite possible for anyone to watch all 5 videos in this set and create a quality fresco or greatly improve their art, either along with the artist-demonstrator or after watching. It’s also possible to separate the components into individual techniques; I now refer my drawing class students, adults and those in high school, to Vol 2, “Cartoon,” replacing my own materials, lectures and demo’s in values.

In short, watching and listening to these demonstrations is like an apprenticeship with a master artist. The advantage of real time as compared to the TV or DVD usual “chef style” of magically seeing the work already half complete, is that the student sees and hears details that would only be seen and heard over months or years of watching and listening. These gems appear, for example, while waiting for the materials to reach the proper stages. It’s one thing to say “mix the sand and lime together until blended,” and another to see exactly how water is added, how it’s stirred, turned over, cut and patted, how long it takes and exactly how it should and shouldn’t look and feel when ready. “You’re ready to paint when it’s slightly dry” is not as accurate as watching a test paper curl in a certain way to show that readiness.

The techniques, with the exception of the first, “Fresco Plaster, “are not only applicable to virtually any media, but should become familiar and basic to all artists.


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How to Make Practice Lime Putty for Fresco from Type S Hydrated Construction Lime.

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Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is focused on the traditional buon (true) fresco technique . Fresco School offers a full spectrum of boun fresco workshops and classes from introductory level lessons to advanced fresco programs and private fresco tutoring. Our curriculum also includes supplemental fresco restoration and mural painting seminars.